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About the Foundation

Apprigate Foundation is a Corporate Social  Responsibility arm of Apprigate. We seek to conduct awareness drives which are aim at promoting strategic partnerships that will result in effective adoption and implementation of solutions for the fourth industrial revolution. We want to promote digital products that are going enable schools, businesses, and communities to function effectively. You will recall that during the hard lockdown the digital economy enjoyed exponential growth e.g. social media and virtual conferencing platforms/companies.



Creating a 4IR capable nation.



To help our national to thrive in the 4IR era through user friendly platforms and awareness drives that are designed to unlock a better understanding of how we maximize opportunities all around us and minimize any threats that might prevent us from being a progressive and adapting society in the current dispensation.

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Our Projects

In the 4IR era, change is repaid which requires a fast, fluid, and forwarding thinking approach to stay ahead of the curve we are implementing a concept called 4-Ikamva. The name is a play of words replacing “for” with the number “4” and “Ikamva” is an isiXhosa word that means future. This concept is about promoting forward (4ward) thinking solutions for a better tomorrow. The focus will be on three areas which are education (4-Imfundo), business (4-biz), and community (4-kasi).

Project Background

4-Imfundo means the fourth Industrial Revolution Learning solutions. “Imfundo” is an isiZulu word that means “education”. The project is about aligning our learning and teaching efforts to the fourth industrial revolution. The 4-Imfundo initiative seeks to bolster efforts of preparing our youth for careers that do not even exist, thus helping them to be ready for our ever-fast paced changing world.


Project Vision

To prepare future leaders through modernized learning solutions.


Project Mission 

Create modernized educational solutions through virtual platforms for every school in South Africa. We will consult extensively across the board with all the relevant stakeholders in the education and private sectors to ensure that we deliver effective and efficient solutions. We will ensure the accessibly and sustainability of the project through strategic partnership across the board.

Acting with respect can mean anything from acknowledging a colleague’s hard work to embracing diversity. It means valuing the opinions of your coworkers as much as it means ensuring that remotes can fully participate. 

Foster an environment in which people are encouraged to share their ideas, feelings and opinions. Make your needs known, and make it easy for others to do so. Listen as you would want to be listened to.

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